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The Whole Rainbow

Rainbow Art - Debra Wenlock

In an attempt to stay warm this winter, in an inadequately insulated Edwardian house, I have been layering up undergarments, clothes and scarves – to a colourful extreme. I could easily be wearing the full rainbow in separate, single-colour items at this time of year. Contrasting colour combinations take the tedium out of getting dressed and add a cheering element to any bleak day. I Am a colour-passionate artist, after all!

Today’s list includes coral pink, pale olive green, turquoise, duck egg, cornflower, indigo, parma violet and magenta. I am almost radiating colour.

So I’m thinking – about celebrating all of the colours thoroughly over the next few months. And I’m setting up some challenges for myself to get stuck into…  For starters, I am going to search for and share instances of red in my art and life for the remainder of February. Then, will move on to orange for March, yellow for April etc, until by August I’ll have explored the whole “Richard of York gave battle in vain” rainbow mnemonic.

I’m planning to take on some other colour challenges along the way – so keep watching!






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Me, Me, Me – More Self Portraits

More Self Portraits…

This time a couple of “blind contour” selfies!

Created by looking at the subject and drawing without looking at the paper…
I came across this little ink sketch yesterday and remembered how much I enjoyed the unpredictability of making these drawings and decided that I’d make one to colour-in!

Blind Contour Self Portrait Sketch, Debra WenlockBlind Contour Self-Portrait by Debra Wenlock

I’ll have to own up to just a wee bit of cheating, having made a couple of non-focused glances at the page to reposition my oil pastel.

(The colour is Winsor & Newton drawing inks – a Christmas present.)

Some wonderfully Picassoesque results can be stumbled upon using this method (without the furtive glances) and it’s a great fun way to loosen up to portraiture!

Here’s a couple more –

Blind-Contour-Self-Portrait-Debra-WenlockMaroon-Me, Self Portrait Blind Contour, Debra Wenlock

I do these as a limbering or loosening up excercise… they are always of me – for my sanity and amusement. An attempt to escape my perfectionist tendencies for a while.
A fun way out of an artistic rut maybe or a way past blank page paralysis!
I’m sharing the kind of stuff you wouldn’t usually get to see – celebrating the wonky wonders of creativity.
Not all art is born perfect.

What do you think…?

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Colourful Fantasy Birds

Fantasy Birds…

Over Christmas I’m trying to keep up daily painting without slaving away at the easel, so these lovelies are what’s emerging from my playful paint brush.

They don’t originate fully formed in my imagination but rather evolve at warp-factor speed – my imagination working intuitively alongside a speedy brush.

Boxing Day Exotic Fantasy Bauble Bird by Debra WenlockSeahorse-Sail-Bird by Debra WenlockLife is a Caberet, Birdy by Debra Wenlock

If you’re interested to see more colourful bird paintings – please click here.

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Vermillion Lime – Playtime with Colour and Paint

I’ve been having trouble getting myself motivated recently – so rather than procrastinating by doing anything but paint, I’m experimenting with just painting for fun. No just about it though – seriously, fun & play can lead to the very best painting experiences and move creativity forwards in leaps and bounds. Trust me I’m a painting teacher!!! My emphasis is on strong colour combinations – contrasts, complimentaries and creative clashes. Most of all I’m enjoying myself. I’m a little nervous about sharing them, but here goes. Please let me know what you think… and do let me know if you have any anti-procrastination techniques of your own?
"Vermillion Lime" Playtime with Colour acrylic painting    


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