If you’d like to commission a painting of a specific subject please contact me, let me know your thoughts and ideas and we can consider the options and discuss details.
My fee is based on the image size of the finished painting and will take into account complexity and possible research requirements.
Commissions cost from £500.00, for guidance:
14 x 10 inch / 350 x 250 mm – £500
16 x 12 inch / 400 x 300 mm – £585
18 x 14 inch / 460 x 350 mm – £670
20 x 16 inch / 500 x 400 mm – £750
24 x 20 inch / 610 x 500 mm – £920

Avocet acrylic painting by Debra WenlockGuizell, dog portrsait by Debra Wenlock

Motorbike Dave Dean 1 MickB by DebraW

Frazer Nash 1929 Ards TT copyright

Copyright for all artworks by Debra Wenlock is held by the artist, including commissions.

Contact me if you are interested in reproductions/prints of your commissioned piece for family or friends – this can usually be arranged for a reasonable fee.

For commercial use, and for licenses to copy or reproduce any image by Debra Wenlock contact me by email, at:

For clarification of the laws of Copyright on original artwork, please contact the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) –