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Colourful Fantasy Birds

Fantasy Birds…

Over Christmas I’m trying to keep up daily painting without slaving away at the easel, so these lovelies are what’s emerging from my playful paint brush.

They don’t originate fully formed in my imagination but rather evolve at warp-factor speed – my imagination working intuitively alongside a speedy brush.

Boxing Day Exotic Fantasy Bauble Bird by Debra WenlockSeahorse-Sail-Bird by Debra WenlockLife is a Caberet, Birdy by Debra Wenlock

If you’re interested to see more colourful bird paintings – please click here.

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“Naughty or Nice” – Festive Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait – Who’s “Naughty or Nice” this Christmas?

Daily paintings for advent – 24rd December 2013.

Here’s Pip, and this is how she likes to spend her mornings – lazing on my tartan blanket… and doesn’t she look cozy?
She is very well behaved – and yet, there is definitely something mischievous in those eyes!

We’ll soon  find out whether she’s been “nice” enough for Santa!

"Naughty or Nice" Christmas message-Debra Wenlock

This is my last post for advent 2013 – but I will continue to paint and share the animals in my life! I hope you have enjoyed the series – and I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments.

Merry Christmas x

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A Pair of Piggy Paintings

Piggy Paintings “Pigs in Pursuit” and “Peppermint Pig”

Daily paintings for advent – 23rd December 2013.

Ulster Folk Museum piglets follow their mother in pursuit of food – and later a little piggy looks happily satisfied after his munch.

These two paintings just seem to belong together.

Original pig paintings in acrylic on canvas, each measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy “Pigs in Pursuit” or “Peppermint Pig” at my Gallery Shop!

Pigs in persuit by Debra Wenlock

Peppermint Pig by Debra Wenlock

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Red, Red Robin Painting

“Red Red Robin”

My twenty-second daily painting for advent – 22nd December 2013.

Perched in our Laburnum tree after the flowers had fallen, this young robin added a complimentary red amongst the foliage. The friendliest fellow in the garden – and another sweet song!
Not so much a Christmas robin… with the shortest day just passed I’m already looking forward to spring and summer.

Red Red Robin Painting by Debra WenlockOriginal robin painting in acrylic on canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

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“The Littlest Birds sing the Prettiest Songs” Zebra Finch Painting

Zebra Finch Painting – “The Littlest Birds sing the Prettiest Songs”

My twenty-first painting for advent – 21th December 2013.

A resident of the aviary at Ward Park in Bangor – another favourite (is that allowed?)

The zebra finches are chirpy and pretty like the chorus of this Be Good Tanyas’ song:

The Be Good Tanyas – Littlest Birds [Official Music Video]

Zebra Finch, acrylic & oil pastel, the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs by Debra WenlockOriginal finch bird painting in acrylic and oil pastel on paper, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

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Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – painting process

Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – and a little about the painting process…

My twentieth painting for advent – 20th December 2013.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to paint – or I’m just too indecicive and there are so many options…

I consulted a sketchbook – and found some quick sketches done at the beach in the summer – birds. OK – use the shape.

Sea bird sketch, Debra Wenlock

What about colour… pick out some colours I like from my favourite tin of oil pastels.

Debra's Neopastel box and selection

What next… a word!

Bird, Debra Wenlock

Some colour and pattern – painted quickly and intuitively – not worrying about what it will become.

Just beginning and background – here’s the start.

Bird & colour, Debra Wenlock

… and at some point I sketched in the bird shape, horizon and foreground with oil pastel,

got carried away with painting, doodling & pattern and forgot to take record any more stages, until –

Fantasy Sea Bird - colour & pattern, Debra Wenlock

And that was him finished. ( I really like those wee colour sample doodles I did on the left – I see spirals showing up in some future paintings.)

Fantasy Sea Bird, oil pastel & acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

The finished article… but what kinda bird is it?

I think the original sketch was of a gull looking out to sea.

For now he’s my fantasy sea bird and I’ll be hoping to spot him standing on a rock one day soon.


Original sea bird painting in acrylic & oil pastel on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!


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“Graham the Gull” a pointillist seagull painting

“Graham the Gull” – a pointillist portrait of a seagull

My nineteenth painting for advent, 19th December 2013.

Back to the beach with my camera where I managed very few decent photographs… The gulls just seemsed to blend into the water and all other wildlife was moving too quickly for the poor light conditions. But sometimes a good painting can be inspired, or rather – informed, by a bad photo… and, as I so enjoyed the pointillist approach that I tried on my recent sandpiper painting, I decided  that I’ll create a mini series of dotty sea birds.

This one is named after my brother Graham – who seems to enjoy making pun-fueled comments on my Facebook Art Page.


Graham the Gull seagull painting by Debra WenlockOriginal seagull painting in acrylic on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

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“This Little Piggy”

This Little Piggy Painting – is my sixteenth painting for advent, 16th December 2013.

On the rampage,  this boisterous fella charges out for a feed… his morning snack is a pile of turnip peelings.

He’s not having roast beef but, then again, he’s not going to market either – turnip is just grand!

Original pig painting in acrylic on stretched canvas – measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

"This Little Piggy" Acrylic Painting by Debra Wenlock



















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Lazy Daisy – cow painting

Lazy Daisy – Cow Painting

My fifteenth painting for advent – 15th December 2013 is another cow painting!

Sometimes I remember to take a camera when I take a walk first thing to record inspirations for paintings. The cows in the field at the edge of the village were having a lazy morning. This one glanced round at me, but all were taking it easy, having a lazy morning… bovine bliss!

Lazy Daisy - Debra WenlockThis original cow painting in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 8 x 8 inches.

Click here to Buy at my Gallery Shop, or just….

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“Baxter” Spaniel Painting

“Baxter” …I believe!

My fourteenth painting for advent – 14th December 2013.

This is the same gorgeous puppy that featured in my first painting for advent… I just couldn’t resist painting him again, this time in acrylics.

Met at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum’s hill climb event in June, I’m pleased to be  painting a fellow motorsport enthusiast

…and since my previous posting I’m reliably informed that he’s called Baxter.

See for yourself how irresistible he is!

Baxter the Spaniel by Debra WenlockOriginal Spaniel Painting – in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 7 x 9 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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