Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – painting process

Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – and a little about the painting process…

My twentieth painting for advent – 20th December 2013.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to paint – or I’m just too indecicive and there are so many options…

I consulted a sketchbook – and found some quick sketches done at the beach in the summer – birds. OK – use the shape.

Sea bird sketch, Debra Wenlock

What about colour… pick out some colours I like from my favourite tin of oil pastels.

Debra's Neopastel box and selection

What next… a word!

Bird, Debra Wenlock

Some colour and pattern – painted quickly and intuitively – not worrying about what it will become.

Just beginning and background – here’s the start.

Bird & colour, Debra Wenlock

… and at some point I sketched in the bird shape, horizon and foreground with oil pastel,

got carried away with painting, doodling & pattern and forgot to take record any more stages, until –

Fantasy Sea Bird - colour & pattern, Debra Wenlock

And that was him finished. ( I really like those wee colour sample doodles I did on the left – I see spirals showing up in some future paintings.)

Fantasy Sea Bird, oil pastel & acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

The finished article… but what kinda bird is it?

I think the original sketch was of a gull looking out to sea.

For now he’s my fantasy sea bird and I’ll be hoping to spot him standing on a rock one day soon.


Original sea bird painting in acrylic & oil pastel on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

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