MG Watercolour – “At All Events”


Original watercolour painting
425mm x 340mm / 16¾ x 13½ inches

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MG watercolour – “At All Events”

This MG Watercolour depicts the MG cars of Eddie Hall, Cyril Paul, JD Barnes & FS Barnes at the 1932 Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy race (Ards TT) – passing by the Grand Stand and below the footbridge that was erected for the event, which carries a huge advertising banner for Pratts – manufacturer of motor oil & spirit of the era!
Hall finished 3rd overall and 1st in his class. The others didn’t fare so well – Cyril Paul suffering big end failure, John Donald Barnes a siezed blower and Frank Stanley Barnes being struck by Brian Lewis’ Talbot at Ballybarnes.

An original MG watercolour painting 16¾ x 13½ inches.
All yours for £750.00!

* Exhibited in “The Art of Motoring” at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall – part of the Royal Automobile Club’s annual festival of motoring, London Motor Week. *


© Debra Wenlock retains all reproduction rights & copyright.