Austin Seven Ulster


Original Austin Seven Ulster watercolour – unframed
315mm x 215mm / 12½ x 8½ inches.

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Austin Seven Ulster

JD Barnes’ Austin Seven completing at the first Ulster Tourist Trophy Race at Ards in 1928, with hood up for the first two laps to comply with Tourist Trophy rules that year. An initial leader of the race, due to the considerable handicap advantage of his car’s class, Donald Barnes crashed losing his position, but still went on to complete 23 of the 28 laps of the race.

These little supercharged Austin racers caused such a buzz at the early Ulster TT races that they became affectionately known as Austin Seven “Ulsters”.

Barnes’ little car is seen here passing one of the many banners advertising Pratts – the ubiquitous manufacturer of motor oil & spirit of the era!

An original Austin Seven Ulster watercolour painting, measuring 12½ x 8½ inches.
All yours for £435.00 – including complimentary delivery.


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