Spinaker acrylic painting in two stages

Spinaker acrylic painting in two stages

I’m always meaning to capture some of my paintings step by step as I work. But the problem is that if I get caught up in the flow of painting (which after all is what I really want to happen) then I forget all about picking up the camera to record my progress. I really need to experiment with capturing the process with video, but I’ll need to work up my courage to do that! With this Spinaker acrylic painting in two stages, at least I remembered to photograph the underpainting of this work – so it’s good to be able to share a little of the work in progress…

“Spinaker” 1st stage – tonal underpainting in cadmium red

Debra Wenlock - Spinaker tonal underpainting

The overall image was so blue – blue/green that I felt I had to start with a complete contrast and picked cadmium red to sketch and then develop into a tonal underpainting. The acrylic paint thinned with water gives a good range of tones to work out the composition and tonal values. 

“Spinaker” 2nd stage acrylic painting – complete!

Spinaker, acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock


The vibrant red glows through to the finished piece.
I painted instinctively colour-wise letting the cadmium influence the hues that I chose.

This is a bit looser than my usual style – I just loved painting it!