“Back to Life”

The title of this post comes with a multiple message… the first refering to my recent return to life drawing /painting and a chance to share some of my latest nudes! Drawing from a live model is one of those disciplines that I have come back to over and over since art school as the best way to hone drawing and observation skills. It also naturally imposes a time limit, which forces focus and concentration.

Skye - nude painting in watercolour - Debra Wenlock






















Secondly, this post marks a return, or more truthfully, a start to regular sharing of my artwork here – my previous posts being sporadic at best. I am not commiting to always saying a lot, depending on how chatty I’m feeling, but I am determined that I will show more of what I’m creating. My website will hopefully be transforming too, from its static old self to a place where there’s always something new and fresh to see most days – AND also with a growing opportunity to buy immediately if you see something you fancy.
I’d love to get more of my colourful paintings out into the world – so here I go!Emer - nude watercolour painting by Debra Wenlock


















Thirdly – a great excuse to listen to one of my favourite Soul II Soul Tracks – “Back to Life”


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