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Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper

“Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper” Painting

My twelth painting for advent – 12th December 2013.

Another friend from the shore…

I took a few photos, which were rather grainy – but that doesn’t matter for painting inspiration, I just need shape and a bit of colour – a starting point… and I’m off.

The graininess in fact prompted a pointillist approach, which I love!

I’m bedazzled by pointillism.

I’m dotty about dots and dabs of bright colour!

Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper painting by Debra WenlockOriginal Sandpiper Bird Painting – in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 8 x 8 inches.

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Cockatiels – acrylic painting in progress

In an effort to brighten up a extra cold and wintery day – here’s a painting I did in the summer inspired by a pair of cockatiels that live in the aviary at the local park.

Step by step for the background… working quickly with acrylic paint, not worrying too much about realistic detail but enjoying slapping and dabbing on colour.

Cockatiels in acrylic - progress 1 

Next beginning to outline the birds in paint whilst bringing in more colours.

Cockatiels in acrylic - progress 2

I got stuck into painting at this point and forgot to take any more progress shots, but I can tell you that there’s some oil pastel there too on top of the paint! Here is the finished painting –

Cockatiels - acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

I’m feeling warmer already remembering the day that I visited this pair!

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Wisteria Hysteria

Last week the wisteria plant that has been growing up the side and over our back door for many many years without so much as a bud, had eventually decided to flower! We had almost given up on this ever happening – thinking that growing it in a pot had been to blame for the lack of blooms. Really interesting too that this isn’t the usual violet coloured flower, but creamy with a bluey-purple centre – very sweet, as is the blue sky above, which is also a rare enough sight around here!
Wisteria & Blue Sky photograph by Debra Wenlock






Some things are worth waiting for aren’t they! It’s also one little think to make me think that maybe it wasn’t the end of the world that our house sale fell through last winter.

Now I’m wondering whether this plant is up to moving with us – but then it is rather well attached to the house and it’s roots probably do go on down through the bottom of the pot.

And – it’s an excuse to post my “Wisteria Hysteria” watercolour painting here and to think about painting some more of my own flowers this spring!

Started with a bit of sponge painting… a sweep of watery blue over a dampened ground – followed, when dry, by some gentle touches of the sponge and some splodgy dabs of pinks, purples yellow and green – wisteria, laburnum and folliage all in one! Branches flowed on from the tip of my dagger brush and then finally, when dry again, some shadow and edge defining inky deeps of dark bottle green and aubergine painted wet into wet.
Wisteria Hysteria - watercolour painting by Debra Wenlock

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“Passing Pickie” – Explaining the Title of my Titanic Art Exhibition

My painting shows Titanic passing Bangor as she makes her way into the Irish Sea for her sea trials on 2nd April 1912. After a return to Belfast later that day, she set off for Southampton at 8.00pm that evening.
Pickie is a promenade area to the west of Bangor Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland, once famous for the outdoor swimming arena Pickie Pool (though that came after Titanic in the 1930s.) I have read that the word pickie meant a little fish.

Titanic passing Bangor, from Belfast Lough into the Irish Sea - Acrylic Painting by Debra Wenlock
This is the one painting that really captures my reaction to the question I asked myself as inspiration for this series – “what would I have been doing the day that Titanic steamed past Bangor if I had been around in 1912?”
It would have been wonderful to have been aboard as a passenger for the sea trials that occurred on 2nd April 1912, but realistically it is more likely that I would have been an observer. The location of the painting is very close to where I lived when I first moved to Northern Ireland – so this is a favourite and well-walked coastal route for me and it’s also the area that I will be moving back to soon, so this one has a special place in my heart!
The original has sold – but I do have some lovely Limited Edition Prints available!

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