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Steam & Jazz Poster Update

Steam & Jazz Poster

I’ve just updated my Steam & Jazz Poster – for the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s Friday evening Mystery Destination train rides on 8th, 15th, 22nd June and 6th July 2012.

Have an evening of fun and entertainment with the Apex Jazz Band.

Tickets: £24

Railway Preservation Society of Ireland Steam and Jazz Poster 2012 by Debra WenlockDepart Belfast Central at 7:20pm for a mystery destination, returning at 11:45pm

Tickets can be booked (by phone or over the counter) at:
Belfast Welcome Centre, 47 Donegall Place, Belfast, BT1 5AD Tel: +44 28 9024 6609  – Or online:

Click here to see my Railway paintings!



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“Passing Pickie” – Explaining the Title of my Titanic Art Exhibition

My painting shows Titanic passing Bangor as she makes her way into the Irish Sea for her sea trials on 2nd April 1912. After a return to Belfast later that day, she set off for Southampton at 8.00pm that evening.
Pickie is a promenade area to the west of Bangor Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland, once famous for the outdoor swimming arena Pickie Pool (though that came after Titanic in the 1930s.) I have read that the word pickie meant a little fish.

Titanic passing Bangor, from Belfast Lough into the Irish Sea - Acrylic Painting by Debra Wenlock
This is the one painting that really captures my reaction to the question I asked myself as inspiration for this series – “what would I have been doing the day that Titanic steamed past Bangor if I had been around in 1912?”
It would have been wonderful to have been aboard as a passenger for the sea trials that occurred on 2nd April 1912, but realistically it is more likely that I would have been an observer. The location of the painting is very close to where I lived when I first moved to Northern Ireland – so this is a favourite and well-walked coastal route for me and it’s also the area that I will be moving back to soon, so this one has a special place in my heart!
The original has sold – but I do have some lovely Limited Edition Prints available!

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