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“Ewe Looking at Me?”

“Ewe Looking at Me?” Sheep Painting

My fourth painting for advent – 4th December 2013.

I befriended this wooly lamb at Shane’s Castle at Randalstown, County Antrim whilst marshaling at an Ulster Vintage Car Club driving event. We bonded between driving tests on, what must have been, the hottest day of the summer.
I’d like to think she enjoyed the display of vintage vehicles as much as the extra company that afternoon.

Original Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this painting measures 8 x 8 inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

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"Ewe Looking at Me?" acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

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Cockatiels – acrylic painting in progress

In an effort to brighten up a extra cold and wintery day – here’s a painting I did in the summer inspired by a pair of cockatiels that live in the aviary at the local park.

Step by step for the background… working quickly with acrylic paint, not worrying too much about realistic detail but enjoying slapping and dabbing on colour.

Cockatiels in acrylic - progress 1 

Next beginning to outline the birds in paint whilst bringing in more colours.

Cockatiels in acrylic - progress 2

I got stuck into painting at this point and forgot to take any more progress shots, but I can tell you that there’s some oil pastel there too on top of the paint! Here is the finished painting –

Cockatiels - acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

I’m feeling warmer already remembering the day that I visited this pair!

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