Delphi Valley Sunset


Original artwork in acrylic and oil pastel
305 mm x 152 mm / 12 x 6 inches – unframed

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Delphi Valley Sunset – setting sun and luminous light!

As the setting sun touches the still, soft water the two become fused for a moment before the orb of all light slips out of sight at last. A mystic Irish sunset.

This is another of a series of paintings – created from wonky biro sketches, made whilst travelling along in an open top vintage car – from my memory of the experience and the imagination of my brush!

Original artwork in acrylic and oil pastel – Irish landscape painting (unframed), measuring 12 x 6 inches.
The sale price of £110.00 includes delivery (was £125.00).

Read more about its creation here!

© Debra Wenlock retains all reproduction rights & copyright.