Crawfordsburn Titanic


Original acrylic painting
385mm x 290mm / 15¼ x 11½ inches

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“Crawfordsburn Titanic” Painting

Viewed from Crawfordsburn – Titanic can be seen making her way out of Belfast Lough for her Sea Trials, April 1912.

This painting helps answer the question behind this series – “what would I have been doing the day that Titanic steamed up Belfast Lough if I had been around in 1912?”
It would have been wonderful to have been aboard as a passenger for the sea trials that occurred on 2nd April 1912, but realistically more likely that I would have been an observer. The location of the painting is close to where I live in Northern Ireland – so a well-walked coastal route for me!

A rose tinted view perhaps – celebrating the positive and optimistic period of Titanic’s life at home, before she departed for Southampton, Chebourg, Cobh and off into the Atlantic…

Original painting – £595.00