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Original Fine Art Prints
Hand printed by the artist

Decision Time, screenprintSilkscreen Print

A printing technique that makes use of a squeegee to force ink directly through a stencil on a screen of silk, or other fine fabric, onto a piece of paper.  The image can be built up from successive layers of various coloured inks using different stencils.

Tram Lines, etchingEtching

Printing technique in which a metal plate is first covered with an acid resistant material and then worked with an etching needle to create an intaglio image. The exposed metal is eaten away in an acid bath, creating depressed lines that are later inked for printing.


Collagraph PrintDistant Hills. collagraph print

These images are hand-printed from a complex carved or collaged cardboard plate - the tones in the image being created from the different surface levels, incised lines and textures on the plate. It is a combination relief / intaglio process and the print is produced by passing the inked plate and moistened paper together through a flat bed etching press.


Foxtail Lilies. monotypeOne-of-a-kind print made by painting on a sheet of metal or glass and transferring the still-wet painting onto a sheet of paper with an etching press. If enough paint remains on the master plate, additional prints can be made, however, the reprint will have substantial variations from the original image. Monotype printing is not a multiple-replica process since each print is unique.






Scanned or photographed from an original work of art, these prints are mechanically produced, in large numbers, on a commercial printing press.
For example my limited edition of "As Reliable As Clockwork" prints from my original watercolour, which is a limited edition of 475.
Print. As Reliable As Clockwork


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