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Ards TT

Celebrating the 1928 - 1936 RAC Ulster Tourist Trophy


ISBN 0 9545322 01
Debra Wenlock, Linenopolis, 20
Artist Wenlock moved to Northern Ireland in 1987 and became involved with her local old car group. Inspired by the Ards TTs of 1929-'36, she was soon producing evocative watercolours of this popular street race. The exploits of Dixon, Caracciola, Birkin and Campari come to life through her distinctive style and she has a great feeling for the cars but it's her insight with backdrops that really makes her vivid compositions. This attractive book features 22 works, with brief historic notes and old photos. Wenlock also illustrates locals such as Stanley Wright who raced a Model A in '29.
A magical celebration of motor racing history.

Mick Walsh, "Classic and Sportscar'' magazine, September 2003

Campari and Soda Bread

Ards TT - Campari and Soda Bread - Book Cover B&WDebra Wenlock is an artist who has been resident in Northern Ireland since 1987. Cars of one vintage or another figure largly in her life and naturally, in her painting. She now paints overlooking a garage housing an Austin Seven, a Fiat Topolino and a Tornado Typhoon.

This book, which represents her most ambitious collection of motoring paintings to date, is a delight on several levels. The artist's style offers a different interpretation of motoring subjects and in particular, her use of light is noteworthy. The accompanying text, although sparce, gives just the right 'feel' for the series of Tourist Trophy races held on the challenging Ards circuit.

Paintings, text and an unusual layout for a motoring book (or is it an art book?) combine to make this an addition to any motoring library which will be treasured.

Highly recommended.

Bob Montgomery

Bob Montgomery, Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive Newsletter, Spring 2004

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