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Ards TT

Celebrating the 1928 - 1936 RAC Ulster Tourist Trophy

"At All Events"
- watercolour 16 x 13 inches 

TT MGs, Start 1932 Ards TT watercolour painting by Debra Wenlock

The MGs of Eddie Hall, Cyril Paul, JD Barnes & FS Barnes at the start of the 1932 Ards TT - passing the Grand Stand and below the footbridge that was erected for the event, which carries a huge advertising banner for Pratts - manufacturer of motor oil & spirit of the era!
Hall finished 3rd overall and 1st in his class. The others didn't fare so well - Cyril Paul suffering big end failure, John Donald Barnes a siezed blower and Frank Stanley Barnes being struck by Brian Lewis' Talbot at Ballybarnes.     

Original painting - 750.00 (click price for purchase page).

* Recently exhibited in "The Art of Motoring" at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall - part of the Royal Automobile Club's annual festival of motoring, London Motor Week.*

This image is also available as a 8 x 6 inch greetings card

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